A passion of music doesn’t have an age limit for the students of Carol Reid.

November 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ida Jiggetts thought it was too late for her to learn how to play a musical instrument – until  she met Carol Reid that is.

On Saturday, the 92-year-old Jiggetts played “September Song” on the piano in front at the Catonsville Senior Center, smiling as her family and friends applauded and later presented her with a bouquet of roses.

“I’ve always wanted to play an instrument but I thought I was too old,” Jiggetts said. “But Carol made me feel comfortable enough to try it and I love it.”

Jiggetts was one of 27 performers at a music recital organized by Reid,  a piano teacher for more than 30 years.. Performers ranged in age from 6 to 87, and it featured everything from contemporary songs by artists like Taylor Swift and Coldplay to classical piano compositions.

“It’s amazing to see everyone coming together to celebrate music,” Reid said.  Reid and her husband, Pete, hold this event every year to celebrate the hard work and talent of her students.

“I was so nervous before, but everybody did great and I’m so proud of them,” said Reid, who teaches at the senior center and gives private lessons to younger students. She said it was fulfilling to see all her students coming together for one event.

According to Reid, there isn’t an age limit on a love of music. She said that all it takes is a passion and devotion for playing the instrument.

Both the younger and older students shifted nervously in their seats before their turn to play on Saturday, and all performers had large smiles on their faces as they finished.

TyAunna Armsted attended the concert to support her cousin and said she never knew her cousin was so talented. “The recital showed her that all her hard work has paid off. She was so proud of herself,” Armsted said.

Reid concluded the concert by thanking the parents and students for making the event possible. She then played a “music riddle,” which was a medley of songs that all had monthly themes, starting with the song “January” by Elton John and ending with “Back to December” by Taylor Swift.


Ida Jiggetts preforms “The September Song” to an audience of her friends and family while her son watches. This was Jiggett’s third recital and she said she was proud of how she played.


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